“Thoughts become intentions. Intentions drive actions. Actions in the present determine your destiny.” 

We live in a hyper-stimulated society. It’s hard. It’s fast. It’s connected. Life demands a lot from you. You demand even more from yourself. Performance is valued above all. But how can you sustain high-level performance without burning out? What’s the point of living a highly productive existence if it’s not filled with meaningful and enjoyable experiences?

Since the 1980s wellness has emerge as a key concept that has transformed all major industries. It advocates for healthy living through diet, exercise and relaxation. But human society has been evolving, rapidly. Don’t get us wrong, if you are sweating at the gym for 30-mins a day, eating fruit and vegetables and doing a few breathing exercises in the morning then you are in a far better place than most. For us, however, wellness in the 21st century is about moving beyond the confines of healthy living. We advocate for optimal living built on  mindset.

AlphaState Optimal produces tools and strategies geared towards physical and mental fitness. Mindset is everything. Success? Happiness? Performance? Healthy living? No matter what you are trying to achieve, the result is shaped by your mindset. Thoughts become intentions. Intentions determine actions. Actions in the present determine your destiny. The AlphaState of Being is a mindset or approach built on the synergy between three vital rings: Body, Mind and Intent. By linking these three rings, and managing their interface, you begin to harness the power in you to sustain an optimal, healthy and happy existence. An existence unbounded from fear and malcontent.

If you are you looking to step off the ledge and immerse yourself in a more rewarding human experience, join us as we journey into the zone to beat our personal best and live an optimal life with purpose.

About AlphaState Fitness

AlphaState Fitness is the body-focused arm of AlphaState Optimal. Fitness is one vehicle through which the AlphaState of Being can be achieved.

We have consolidated more than a decade’s worth of experience in functional fitness to develop an equipment offering that comprises the tools to build peak physical performance. 

Each piece of equipment, component or product family has been carefully selected to offer the essential tools necessary to build powerful, strong, dynamic and optimal bodies.