AlphaState EPDM Rubber Flooring

AlphaState EPDM Rubber Flooring (15/20/25/30mm)

Pricing per square. Square size is 1m x 1m.

AlphaState EPDM gym flooring is made with Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber. These tough but affordable rubber tiles (1m x 1m) are easy to cut and shape to fit the needs of your facility. Whether installing gym flooring in a full room or space, or if you are working on a design with strict specification guidelines in mind, EPDM gym flooring is versatile and easy to install flooring that is easier on the pocket.

The high-density rubber offers a comfortable and secure surface on which to perform floor exercises, while offering some bounce and complete protection for your flooring and equipment. Protect your floors and equipment from damage and offer a surface on which your members want to train.

These tiles fit seamlessly together and can be easily joined with any good adhesive. They are easy to clean and have minimal shedding from ware and tear. 


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