Peak Performance Curved Treadmill

The Alphastate non-motorized treadmill is a self-propelled running machine. As the name suggests, the unit is propelled entirely by the user’s own body weight rather than using an electric motor. This high-performing, air-based-cardio unit is perfectly built for aerobic and anaerobic training sessions. World-class design meets great price-point in this outstanding human powered speed treadmill.


  • No power source needed. Set up anywhere in your home or facility, save on electricity and beat electricity outages.
  • More compact, more space. With no bulky motors included these units are simple and easy to store in smaller living spaces or in crowded commercial gyms.
  • Safe as houses. Since the belt only moves when you move, there’s less risk of the belt moving too quickly out of your control, causing you to slip off.
  • Serious work, serious workout.  Your body uses more energy to propel the belt forward, meaning that you get a more intense workout in less time. One could look at up to 35% more calories burned than on a motorized treadmill.
  • You are in control. With your body doing 100% of the work, you are in full control of your workout. If you feel like sprinting, simply run faster. If you want to slow down, slow down. Simple, but effective.



  • Sports mode: 1-8 adjustments
  • Breaking mode: magnetic resistance adjustment
  • Running belt: Rubber + Aluminium Alloy Belt
  • Packing size: 1800*1000*560
  • Running belt size: 3600*480mm
  • Drive mod: Gravity driven
  • Speed limit range: 0-20km/h
  • Running belt: Rubber + Aluminium Alloy Belt
  • Running area: 1500*430mm
  • Max load bearing: 180kg
  • Running belt: Rubber + Aluminium Alloy Belt
  • Net weight 165kg
  • Gross Weight: 185kg


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