AlphaState Wall-mounted Pull-up Bar


Pull-ups are an essential exercise that offers major benefits for arms, chest and back. In terms of all round conditioning in the pulling plain, nothing beats the low-cost pull-up and pull-up variations. To ensure to maintain proper form, you require a pull-up bar that is sure to carry your weight and offer enough ground clearance to take advantage of a full extension in the hang position. 

AlphaState's multi-grip wall-mounted pull-up bar is a versatile pull-up rack that attaches securely to your wall. Manufactured from indestructible steal, this pull-up bar offers you different grips, helping you to easily adjust hand positions and explore the many pull-up variations that make this exercise such a full spectrum fitness beast.

This pull-up bar is perfect for the home or garage gym. Measure the height that works best for you and bolt it securely to the wall. By just adding a few attachments such as a suspension trainer, ab slings or rubber bands, you are able to construct a fully functional gym in a very small space.

Save money and time by working more muscles in a smaller space. Get your AlphaState Wall-mounted Pull-up bar today!


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